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West Azarbayjan province is located in North west of the country bordering with Turkey to the west, Iraq to the south west and Nakhchivan to the north, and the provinces of East Azarbayjan to the east, Zanjan to the south east and Kurdistan to the south.
The province of West Azarbayjan covers an area of 39,570 km² (excluding the Urmia), or 43,660 km² including the Lake. The population of the province estimated as 3,100. The capital city of the province is Urmia.
The province is divided into 17 (counties) including Piranshahr, Urmia, Mahabad, Oshnaviyeh, Miandoab,Naghadeh, Takab, Shahindej, Maku, Chaldoran County, Salmas, Khoy, Sardasht and Bukan.
West Azarbayjan cen... (Read More)


Th e region was once part of the Neo Assyrian Empire. The name of Azarbayjan derives from Atropates, an Iranian satrap of Media under the Achaemenid empire, who later was reinstated as the satrap of Media under Alexander of Macedonia. The original etymology of this name is ... (Read More)
West Azarbayjan today
In the city of Urumieh, some residents have a high standard of living in comparison with the other cities of the province. There are plenty of parks, coffee shops, cinemas, and internet cafes throughout the city. There are hundreds of small villages i.  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
Most Urmia residents travel by car through the system of roads and highways. Urmia is also served by taxi and bus. Urmia has taxi and public bus network. There are also some private groups, which provide services called Phone-taxi.... (Read More)

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