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 West Azarbayjan today


In the city of Urumieh, some residents have a high standard of living in comparison with the other cities of the province. There are plenty of parks, coffee shops, cinemas, and internet cafes throughout the city. There are hundreds of small villages in the province as well, most of which have running water and electricity as well as television, satellite, and telephone lines. Southern cities which economically are considered poor areas have always been the venue of Kurdish demonstrators against the Islamic regime.
West Azarbaijan province is one of the most important provinces for Iran's agriculture.
West Azarbaijan hails from a rich culture from Kurdish and Azari traditions. Many local traditions, such as music and dances continue to survive among the various peoples of the province. As a longstanding province of Persia, it is mentioned favorably on many occasions in Persian literature by Iran's greatest authors and poets.
The province today has the following major institutes of higher education:

  • Urmia University of Medical Sciences
  • Urmia University
  • Urmia University of Technology

The tribal play a significant role in the provincial economy. The tribes are among the most talented places of agriculture. Also, there are lots of potencies for the province mine discovering especially in terms of structure stones and materials, granites, Mika, arsenic, gold, inflammable soil and mineral husk.
Sport is an important part of Urmia's culture. The most popular sport in Urmia is volleyball. Urmia is Iran's volleyball capital ,its mainly because of ranks that Heyat (board of) Volleyball Urmia VC got in Iranian Volleyball Super League and for the great volleyball players that are in Iran men's national volleyball team and first class coaches in Iran.
2010 Asian Men's Cup Volleyball Championship is going to be held in Ghadir Arena and eight countries is in this championship and they are: The teams are seeded based on their final ranking at the 2009 Asian Men's Volleyball Championship including Iran (Host), China, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, India.
There is also consulate of Turkey open in Urmia.
Azeri Turks are the main ethnic group in the city followed by Kurds, Assyrian and Armenian minorities.

There are two major museums in Urmia including
  • Natural History Museum - Displays the animals' native to the vicinity of Urmia.
  • Urmia Museum - Archaeological museum affiliated with the faculty of Shahid Beheshti University.

Urmia was an important center for higher education approximately a century ago, also has some major libraries including

  • Central Library of Urmia
  • Allame Tabatabayee Library
  • Shahid Bahonar Library
  • Library of Khane Javan
  • Library of I.R.Iran Education Ministry
  • Library of Urmia Cultural and Artistical Center

As per health system the government of Iran operates the public hospitals in the Urmia metropolitan region, some of which are aligned with medical faculties. There are also a number of private hospitals and medical centers in the city.

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