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 Road and Transportation


Road & transportation at a glance

2.1. Urban:

Most Urmia residents travel by car through the system of roads and highways. Urmia is also served by taxi and bus. Urmia has taxi and public bus network. There are also some private groups, which provide services called Phone-taxi.

2.2. International:

Urmia is linked to Europe through Turkey's roads and Sero border.
The city is going to link to Iran National Railways.
Urmia Airport opened in 1964 and is the only international airport in West Azerbaijan . Its international air routes are to the following cities: Dubai (UAE), Arbil (Iraq), Istanbul (Turkey) and Mecca (KSA) together with domestic air routes to Tehran, Mashhad, Kish Island and Shiraz.

2.3. More on Roads:

Freeways: -
Highways: 113 kilometers
Major roads: 666 kilometers
Local roads: 1945 kilometers

2.4. Inland Terminals:

Goods Terminals: 2
Passenger Terminals: 14
Border Terminals: 5

2.5. Border Terminals:

Bazargan border terminal: located in North West / active
Saro border terminal: located in North West / active
Polidasht border terminal: located in North West / active
Tamarchin border terminal: located in west / active
Kileh (Sardasht) border terminal: located in west / inactive

2.6. En-route general and welfare-services and Tir-Parks:

Name Type Rank Position
Km Road Road Type Side Situation
Urmia Tir Park State 1 9 Shahid Kalantary Highway Left Phase 2
Bazargan Tir Park State 1 5 Bazargan Major Road Right Phase 2
Mansur Pesian plant Private 3 35 Miandoab-Shahindej Major Road Left Phase 1
Rahim Abbasi plant Private 3 39 Mahabad-Sardasht Major Road Right Phase 1
Morvarid Tamarchin Tir Park Cooperative 3 8 Piranshahr-Tamarchin Local Road Left Phase 1
Eskandari plant Private 3 9 Urmia-Mahabad Freeway Left developing

Road Safety:

Traffic training parks: 1
Heavy vehicles testing practice centers: 3
Rural police stations: 7
Rural rescue and relief stations: 16

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